Thursday, January 31, 2008

to the 1980's

This week I got a call from an old friend, inviting me to go see the new Rambo movie. In his voicemail, he reminisced about how we were so into those movies as young teens. We all had our own "Rambo" survival knives with the compass in the handle, and pretended we were survival specialists on boy scout campouts. I laughed out loud as I listened to his message, and thought fondly of those times. Then, I began to feel veeeerrrryyyyy ooooolllldddd. I had to pinch myself when I thought about how 1980 was 28 years ago. How kids that were born in 1990 (the year I graduated high school) will be graduating from high school this year. How kids now when they "dress like the 80's" for school are really like us "dressing like the 50's and 60's" when we were in high school. I am like totally an 80's child, a stud, buffed, rad, totally awesome, and whatever other words we used to describe ourselves as cool. I don't have a mullet, wear a white glove, or acid washed shredded jeans, or have "tight buns in 501's" anymore. I don't listen to Van Halen and jump everytime the song says to, I don't use the words stoner or jock. I don't wish I had a black Firebird with a little sliding red light on the grill, or drive a Ferrari 308 GT like Thomas Sullivan Magnum, and I don't swing my head around and pretend I am playing a jamming guitar solo, but I am still a product of the 80's. What a great era! Come on everybody FEEL THE NOISE!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

snowboarding with the kids

I took Rachel and Tanner snowboarding to Mission ridge ski area near Wenatchee. It was their 3rd time boarding, and they were able to use their very own boards for the first time. Tanner is doing GREAT at his carving and turns. He even rode a low rail at the end of the day! I was so proud of him. Rachel keeps a good attitude up, but is resistant to learning her carves. She is so funny, because she bruises her tailbone in the first 10 minutes of boarding each time we go, and then it bothers her the rest of the day. Solution? Stop falling down, Rachel! :)
It was great fun boarding with just me and the kids. I enjoy being with them, and now that they are growing up, they are really fun and interactive companions!