Sunday, May 3, 2009

A busy Tennis weekend for my sweetie

Ok, so this isn't Shelli, and she didn't win a big fat trophy, but in my mind she IS a tennis champ! Her team had 2 injured players, so they put her at the #1 singles position (her most feared place to be) for the USTA tennis tournament this weekend. She plays some singles with me and with a couple of friends, but by far most of her tennis practice is doubles. She was soooo nervous!

Friday I couldn't be there to watch, but she won both her singles matches! I was so proud of her. The tournament "nerves" can be tough to overcome, especially during the first match. Saturday we drove to Yakima and I got to watch her at her first "away" matches. She was so nervous again that she gave away her first set 0-6! she came back and won the second set 6-3, then the ti-breaker 10-4! She won her next match 6-3, 6-3! 4 singles matches in one weekend, undefeated! Go Shelli! Henin may have retired, but you're on a roll! Love u!