Tuesday, April 8, 2008

How does she do that?

Ok, it might embarrass Shelli, but I have to tell you about her playing tennis. She has always loved it (it's in her genes, really) and played in high school. I remember when I first met her, she was really into playing on the high school team. I thought it was a little funny because tennis was a total sissy sport at my school. It was ok for girls, I thought. Then I tried to play her. Well, I got beat pretty badly, but it made me want to keep playing. I have many fond memories of playing tennis in the summer until late at night. We'd play under the lights, bugs swarming, sweat beading, competitive but in love at the same time. The winner (and the loser) would get a kiss over the net, and the game would go on. What great dates those were.
Fast forward a few years (ok, like almost 20!) until now. Tennis has never left her blood, but she had to leave it behind to help raise the kids and keep me in school. There just wasn't the time or the money. Now we have a little more money, and sometimes more time. Last year we decided it was time for her to take lessons and join a league. I thought it was a good idea since I could beat her all the time and she struggled with her serve and forehand.
Let me tell you about who beats who now! IF I win, it's a long match and often ends in a tie-beraker. She has gotten so good I want to discontinue her lessons until I can beat her again! We got to play in a Valentines day tournament for doubles, and we had so much fun! She has helped me love the game, but I don't know if many love it as much as her (and her grandma!)

I tried to find a picture of her playing to post, but I'll have to take some. I don't have any yet! She is a great player, winning all of her matches basically, and keeps moving up in her women's league at the club! I am very proud of her, and happy she is doing something for herself that she loves! What a great sport, and a great player she is!

Keep it up Shlolly!