Sunday, February 22, 2009

A house of sick people

This has been a rough week! Skylar started out with a fever on Sunday, turned into a cough. Gracie got the cough. Shelli and I had been fighting of a persistent cold that we keep passing back and forth (she can't help kissing me all the time), then Saturday Rachel said "I feel like I'm going to throw up". The sensitive dad in me said "Rachel, you say you feel like throwing up EVERY DAY!" It's no exaggeration. She says that every time she gets nervous, upset, happy, whatever. "I feel like I'm going to throw up". It started a small argument which I firmly ended with a convincing "whatever Rachel". I know, I'm very articulate. Anyway, I was on my way to a tennis practice and got a call from Shelli. "Guess what... Rachel just threw up in her room". I could hear the faint "I told you so... retch... dad. thanks.....retch....for listening.

We have run out of motrin for kids, running low on other cold/cough/sinus/stomach remedies. I remember when Gary Coleman was younger he said he took so many pills he thought he should rattle when he walks. This picture reminded me of that, and the kind of week we are having. Now more than ever I am READY for warmer "open up all the windows for an entire day" weather to decontaminate this house.

Anybody want to come over for dinner tonight?

Monday, February 9, 2009

Backyard camping...who's ready for spring

Last year I asked the kids "who wants to sleep in the backyard tonight?" Gracie was the ONLY one who wanted to. So Gracie, Cotton, and I all piled into the little tent, built a fire, and fell asleep under the stars listening to the crackling of the fire, the sound of the owl that roams the neighborhood, and the occasional coyote howl. It kind of felt like the 3 amigos campout!

Well, I for one want that time back! I want to be able to camp in my yard, smell the fresh cut grass (thanks to the kids this time) and roast mallows, swing in my hammock, and spend some time on the river!

I got Shelli out in the kayak last year one time, and I got Cotton out there too! He swam from Rachel's kayak out to me so he could ride with me. What a fun day that was with the Jensens at Loon lake! Looking forward to that again, too. Can you tell I am ready for summer????

What do you miss most or look forward to most about summer?