Sunday, January 17, 2010

wow, the blog isn't dead!

It's been WAY too long since I've posted. Shelli keeps everyone up to date, so my blog has kind of withered away, but I too have a voice, and shall be heard! As this new year has begun, it's been with mixed emotions. There have been some exciting new beginnings, and some sad endings. I will surely miss the people who have passed on, and they will be dearly missed by their families.

In this new year I would like to get closer to my teenagers, get in even better shape by running/swimming/biking more, and will continue to play tennis and ride horses with Ira. I am convinced that our quality of life is more dependent on our health and diet than any other factors. I plan to work on the quality of my relationships with others, and stop trying to spread myself so thin.

And on a totally different subject, how about that movie AVATAR?! We went with Justin and Joanna yesterday, and got there late. Not many seats. We were working our way up the rows, trying to find 4 seats together (good luck) and happened upon Jeff and Kim, who moved over one seat and then we had our 4! You guys are great! How did you know we'd be coming?? . AVATAR 3D. All I can say is WOW! What an exciting movie, and worth the cost to see it in the theater! If you have any other movie suggestions, I am open to them.

Welcome 2010; Good, bad, or otherwise it is here. LET'S MAKE THE MOST OF IT!


Shelli said...

Hey! You blogged! AND changed your header! Way to go, except I think I need some teeth whitening. :) Good goals for the new year. I'm with you! Love you!

Elece said...

I am glad your Blog didn't die!!!!! I hope you have a great New Year although it's Februuary and I am a little late on commenting but...oh well. Oh and I wanted to say I love the picture of you and Shelli. I think you guys are just adorable!!!!!!

Aunt Pat said...

I knew your blog would be revived- yeah!