Wednesday, November 2, 2011

This about sums it up

This picture is great. I love how my friend Tom framed this. the only downside is he is on the wrong side of the camera. He is often found there. His pictures are excellent, and thanks to him a lot of the trips we go on are well documented. This was a couple of weeks ago near College Place, in the Blue Mountains of SE WA and NE OR. Allen, Eric, Craig, Brandon, Tom, and myself all on a 35 mile loop. The views were amazing! Fall colors and sunshine are a delicious mixture to delight your senses as you lope along the singletrack trail. For more pics see this site: and feel free to lurk around the site and see what else is out there. In 2 weeks we go back with our sons. Can't wait!!

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Shelli said...

In two weeks you go back with your son? Beautiful pictures. :)