Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ironman or Ironbutt 12 hour motorcycle race

So I have this friend named, well, Dave. Really. This guy loves to play in the dirt. So much so, that yesterday he thought it would be fun to ride a 12 hour endurance motorcycle race BY HIMSELF. It's not that he's anti-social or anything, just "pro-pain". I was there for the last couple of hours and got a few pics. It was at the Starvation Ridge track near Goldendale Washington. Enjoy.

Here's the pit crew. Mary, Stan, Nick, Leelee (cute as can be), Kegan, and John. A bunch of troopers. Mary and Stan telling great Dave stories, Nick running the clock and pitching in with everything, and John smiling and keeping everybody doing what they are supposed to do. I think that's called a manager. Oh, and I am taking pictures and making sure there are no dental emergencies!

Every bike race has biker babes. Here's one now!

Dave rolling into pit row at dusk. Brand new headlight, just removed the protective cover. With the setting sun he's really going to need that light to finish the race. Trail Tech was well represented at this race, as were KTM and Klim! Great gear. 2 hours of riding after this pit. Time for fuel and did someone say light?

cover off? Check! Switches on? Check! Light? Light? Light? Crap, where's the light? Dave frantically working to pull his seat off and check the wires. Seat bolt covered in mud made it tougher. Got the seat off. Fuse? Check! Connection to battery? Where is the wire? The connector had sheared apart from all the prior 10 hours vibration. We quickly stripped the wire insulation and attached the bare wire under the battery connection. Light? Check!

Studies show it's easier to ride a dirt bike at night in the dark with a functional headlight. Now that's more like it!

(Race lady) "You were going a little fast there don't ya think? Can I see your license and registration and proof of insurance and a picture of your wife?"
(Dave)"I know it's here somewhere. I didn't think I was speeding. This isn't even a dirt bike. It probably won't even do 50. I couldn't have been speeding"

(Race Lady) "I'll help ya look through your bag here since you seem to be a little wasted. Have you been drinking Mr Dave? Hey, that's a great picture of your wife. She's a lucky lady, and you can tell her I said that."
(Dave) "She already knows it, but thanks anyway. Can I go now? I'm really tired"

Ever the concerned father, Stan heads over to check on his son.
(Stan)"How ya feeling son? That was a really long ride and you pulled it off like a champ! Great job! By the way, what was the holdup over there with the track police?"
(Dave)"The usual, she was hitting on me I think. You know how it is when you win a race like this. They won't leave you alone!"
(Stan)"Don't flatter yourself too much there son. She's been hitting on me the whole 12 hours you were out riding. " (followed by that hearty Stan chuckle!)

Never having lost sight of the goal, Dave tells us all what number is the most important number in any race! Great job out there! You rode so hard and rode smart. Finishing a race like that is an accomplishment. Finishing in first place..... priceless!


Anonymous said...

Trevor that was awesome! The first thing he mentioned when he got home at 2am was how cool he thought it was that you came! It's a bromance.. I know, I know!

Shelli said...

Love your write up. And so awesome...Dave did great!!

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